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photup v0.9 beta 1

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If you’ve seen my Twitter lately you’ll probably have seen that I’ve been working on a new app called ‘photup’. The basic premise of the app is to share your photos to Facebook, nice and simple!  The easiest way to think about it is that it’s a Android port of Facebook’s

Camera app, just without the unnecessary News Feed.

Just to be clear, this is not connected in any way with Friendcaster or OneLouder. There is no common code between the apps (other than open-source libraries, like ActionBarSherlock).

[divider]Features so far…[/divider]

  • Easily select photos from your phone
  • You can add effects/filters to your photos easily (thanks to Lightbox’s lib)
  • Easily tag your friends in photos by simply clicking on their face.
  • Face detection, prompting you to select the person is.
  • Buttery smooth UI

[divider]Future features[/divider]

  • Improve Notifications
  • Better management of Facebook login
  • Add an uploads tab to the main UI
  • Ability to upload to Facebook Page
  • Ability to add a location/place to the photo
  • More privacy settings when creating album.


The reason I’m publicly testing this is because I want your feedback! Please comment on here, Google+ or Twitter.