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Android Bitmap Caching… revisited
·345 words·2 mins
You may have read my last post on my techniques in Friendcaster for caching Bitmaps.
Raspberry Pi: Media Server Pt. 1
·752 words·4 mins
Now that I’ve got my Pi working a bit more efficiently it’s time to actually start putting it to use: a media server.
Raspberry Pi: Overclocking
·385 words·2 mins
The Raspberry Pi is pretty easy to overclock due to an inbuilt config file.
Raspberry Pi: Initial Setup
·359 words·2 mins
After receiving my Raspberry Pi this weekend, I’ve finally had some time to have a play with it.
Pull-to-Refresh Customisable Drawable
·117 words·1 min
Following on from yesterday’s post about making Pull-to-Refresh more discoverable, today I’ve made it a bit more customisable.
Pull-to-Refresh Indicator Concept
·272 words·2 mins
Lots of evangelist Android developers dislike the Pull-to-Refresh pattern on Android. For instance Cyril Mottier wrote a whole blog post detailing his views and it’s well worth a read.