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photup is now open source.
·261 words·2 mins
Early last year I bought myself an iPhone, to see what iOS is really like.
Snippet: ImageView Layout Optimisation
·522 words·3 mins
Welcome to the second instalment of my new Android Snippet series. This one is a fairly short one as it points out an optimisation which was added in Android v4.
Snippet: DateUtils
·297 words·2 mins
This is the first in a new series of posts I’m going to regularly publish (weekly-ish) of code snippets which could save you a lot of #AndroidDev time.
Android-BitmapCache… the rebirth.
·441 words·3 mins
A while ago I wrote Android-BitmapMemoryCache, a cache based off of LruCache which would cache Android Bitmap objects in memory in a clever way.
PhotoView v1.1
·545 words·3 mins
As you may or not know, I released a small library as part of the work I did for photup (it was actually created before that) which contained an ImageView which could be scaled, dragged and double-tapped.
photup v1.x
·263 words·2 mins
It’s been a while since I posted. Since then, photup has been release to Google Play, and after some initial slowness has slowly been gaining traction.
photup v0.9 beta 2
·94 words·1 min
After releasing the first beta a couple of days ago, I’ve been busy at work on the second beta.
photup v0.9 beta 1
·195 words·1 min
If you’ve seen my Twitter lately you’ll probably have seen that I’ve been working on a new app called ‘photup’.
Android Bitmap Caching… revisited
·345 words·2 mins
You may have read my last post on my techniques in Friendcaster for caching Bitmaps.
Raspberry Pi: Media Server Pt. 1
·752 words·4 mins
Now that I’ve got my Pi working a bit more efficiently it’s time to actually start putting it to use: a media server.