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New blog... again

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Just a quick post.

You may have noticed that this site has changed yet again. After my ‘Color Matching’ post last week, I saw quite a few comments saying that the site was slow.

The site was WordPress based with all of the standard optimizations: W3 Total Cache for static caching and then CloudFlare for it’s CDN goodness. Even though it had these, the site was still painfully slow at times.

Along goes a ghost

I had a bit of time over the weekend to see how I can improve the site. In the end, the result is switching to Ghost, specifically their hosted blogs.

For $5 per month they host this blog with the minimum of fuss. I have nothing but good things to say about Ghost; it’s fast, clean, simple and the epitome of KISS.

I’m currently using the awesome open-source Ghostium theme. I still need to tweak the fonts, but overall I’m very happy.