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Parallax effect in Jetpack Compose
·1034 words·5 mins
The best way to implement a Parallax effect in Jetpack Compose
Composable metrics
·3898 words·19 mins
As teams start using Jetpack Compose, most of them eventually find that there is a missing piece of the puzzle: measuring the performance of your composables.
Slotting in with Compose UI
·1529 words·8 mins
The Slot API pattern is a pattern which is used extensively throughout the Compose UI codebase.
Always provide a Modifier parameter
·1235 words·6 mins
This is hopefully going to be a short post, but one which I think is timely as more people start using Jetpack Compose.
Becoming a Xoogler
·1232 words·6 mins
At the end of next week I will be leaving my job at Google and moving on to a new challenge outside $GOOG.
AMD Ryzen for Android development
I’ve recently been in the market for a new laptop for myself.
Publishing to Maven Central
·456 words·3 mins
This is just a quick post to highlight how easy it can be to publish libraries to Maven Central.
New website... again
·815 words·4 mins
In terms of blogging I tend to live in a bit of double world.
Jetpack Compose — Before and after
How the build speed, APK size and source line count changed after migrating the Tivi sample app to Jetpack Compose
Dark Theme with MDC
Using Material Design Components to implement a dark theme